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ACS Technologies provide a wide range of security services to keep your network safe from intrusions and viruses.

It can be difficult to balance the security lockdowns with allowing users to work unrestricted but there are many tools and procedurs that can be put in place to ensure your systems are kept safe but users can still work!

As well as the physical hardware and software solutions that can be implemented, it is also important that users are educated and procedures are put in place to ensure that best practices are followed. ACS can both recommend and implement security solutions and also assist with creating practical written business procedures and training for staff.

Security Software

All companies will have some sort of anti-virus software in place but how often are the PC's checked to make sure it is updating properly and actually running? It is important to monitor this regularly and many systems can offer reporting and alerts should a device suddenly stop updating or the AV become disabled.

Additional protection can be implements with regards to email scanning. Using an external mail scanning service ensures that all inoming email is checked for viruses, executable elements and suitable content before it is downloded to your network. Again, it is important that this is set up correctly and regularly monitored to ensure complete protection. This can also be used to scan outgoing email too to ensure you are not sending virus or malware emails or that content that should not be leaving the premises by email is also blocked.

ACS Technologies recommend the McAfee suite of products. Contact us for further information or click the banner on the right.

Security Hardware

For companies that require a more secure environment, there are a number of hardware devices which can be implemented on the network. These devices offer a higher level of security by scanning individual packets of information for malicious content. Because they are stand alone devices they can offer a lot more processing power and can therefore delve further into your network traffic to spot potential threats from the Internet, Email and also internal traffic.

Because the device sits on the border of your network it stops threats before the enter.

In addition, these devices can improve employee productivity by blocking non-buisness site and social media access and also prevent data loss by scanning traffic leaving the network for confidential and sensitive information thatshould not be leaving the premises electronically.

If your users require remote access, these devices can provide a secure method of connection as well as logging for security policy purposes.

The WatchGuard range of hardware firewalls and devices offer affordable but secure solutions for the smaller business. Contact us for further information or click here to download a product overview.


If you are looking to improve your network security, our engineers can offer a dedicated security review to cover all areas of IT within your business. We have assisted several of our customers through ISO 27001 and can advise on both software and hardware solutions as well as company procedures and staff training.

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