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Whether you are looking for a simple telephone system to transfer calls, offer basic voicemail and provide a professional image for your company or are after a more sophisticated setup with call monitoring, agent capabilities, VoIP and true unified communications, the Avaya IP Office will do the job - and at an affordable price.

Designed for the small business the system is modular and adaptable. Features can be easily upgraded via licensing - no downtime - and the system is user friendly and easy to administer and manage from a Windows based configuration program or web portal.

There are three versions of the IP Office available:


For more information on the entire Avaya range, please see our Avaya microsite here.

IP Office Essential Edition

Ideal for single site businesses who want a simple telephone system without all the bells and whistles, the IP Office Essential Edition contains everything you need to provide a professional image to your clients, whether you are calling out or they are contacting you.

The system features full call management including transfer, hold, mute, park and 3 way calling facilities. The integrated voicemail offers individual mailboxes for huntgroups and users with a choice of messages for out of hours, no answer and queued calls. There is also a limited auto-attendant feature allowing you to route calls efficiently and improve customer service.

For full details of the IP Office Essential Edition, download a brochure here.

IP Office Preferred Edition

Preferred Edition is ideal for the larger business who requires a slightly higher level of facilities from their system. If you have more than one office, systems can be networked together via VoIP to offer consistency for both customers and staff. Be able to transfer callers between offices seemlesly or route calls to the correct location no matter where they ring in.

Home workers or those who spend more time out of the office than in can still be part of the system by twinning home phones and mobiles with office extensions and remote access to voicemail or voicemail to email functionality.

For full details of the IP Office Preferred Edition, download a brochure here.

IP Office Advanced Edition

Call centres and large organisations will love the features of IP Office Advanced Edition. It offers all the features of Advanced Edition but with the ability to monitor your call centre Agents and report on day to day statistics such as length of calls, time to answer, number of calls made etc.

Administrators have full visability of their agents with the ability to monitor and interrupt calls. Statistics can easily be output to displays or via automated reports. The system can also be integrated with 3rd party applications and databases to provide internal assistance with screen popping and automatic recording of call information but also assisting customer service by routing calls directly to account managers, locations or departments by querying your database.

For full details of the IP Office Advanced Edition, download a brochure here.

ACS Technologies are Avaya Business Partners and BT Channel Partners. This enables us to manage your project from conception to completion including equipment, software and lines. For more information on the entire Avaya range, please see our Avaya microsite here.



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