Offsite Backup

We cannot stress enough how important it is for any business to have a backup plan in place.  Whether you are an individual or a multi-national company your data IS your business. Data can be lost in a variety of ways.  The greatest threat is user error – accidentally overwriting or deleting files; but thereRead more

Choosing your computer repairer

Computers need repair, upgrade and periodic maintenance.  Without an ongoing contract, the time and cost of getting these actions carried out can result in significant disruption of your business and its customers. How dependent is your company on various computers, including laptops, being fully functional and working effectively? But what criteria should you use whenRead more

Your disaster recovery plan

How many people have a DR plan in place for their business? Would you know where to start or do you think that it’s OK as the business insurance will cover everything? Making sure your business insurance is up to date and all-encompassing should be part of your DR plan but the main focus shouldRead more

Hosted Exchange

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Hosted Exchange services offer clients all the benefits of an enterprise communications solution but without the upfront cost of hardware and software and also the ongoing maintenance. Hosted Exchange services are offered in a multi-tenancy environment. This means that on a single Microsoft Exchange Server installation, different entities are set up for each client subscribingRead more

Hosted PBX (Telephone Systems)

Telephone Systems have traditionally been a significant investment for companies.  The ability to transfer calls, voicemail, call routing based upon the caller’s needs or location are all pretty common requirements but the hardware and resource required have historically made the office PBX an expensive piece of kit. With improvements in broadband coverage and the wideRead more

Telephone Solutions

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Avaya IP Office Whether you are looking for a simple telephone system to transfer calls, offer basic voicemail and provide a professional image for your company or are after a more sophisticated setup with call monitoring, agent capabilities, VoIP and truly unified communications, the Avaya IP Office will do the job – and at anRead more