Software to protect your business.

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There are many different software packages available on the market to protect your company’s systems, servers and other devices from viruses, hackers and malware. To make sure you’re protected from all types of attacks, we’ve prepared a short article on some of the different packages available to protect your company and what they’ll protect you from!    Antivirus software helps protect your whole system against maliciousRead more

How to prevent and remove viruses and malware?

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What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a piece of code, which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data. A virus operates by inserting or attaching itself to a legitimate program or document that supports macros to execute its code. InRead more

Virus protection

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It is imperative that all company devices are protected by up to date Anti Virus software.  This should not only protect individual devices from running malicious software but should monitor emails, web access and removable devices for both malicious and unwanted content. ACS Technologies partner with ESET to offer a wide range of Anti VirusRead more

Encryption & Data Security

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Businesses often underestimate the value of the data they hold.  many companies may feel that their data is not particularly sensitive and that no one would want it anyway, however, every business has a legal right to protect the data they hold on clients, prospects, suppliers and personnel as well as protecting their own interests.Read more

Cyber Attacks Soar to 26 million a day

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These were the initial words of a recent national newspaper headline and it went on to say that ‘as hackers find new ways to wreak havoc’. This newspaper article was based on an annual report by specialist Sonicwall which can be downloaded at In October 2018, the UK government said “98% of UK businesses nowRead more

Hardware & Software Firewalls

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Companies often underestimate the amount of traffic which comes in and out of their network every day via their Internet connection.  That connection, whether it be ADSL, Fibre or dedicated connectivity, is effectively open to the world and is open to being scanned, attacked and probed by genuine and malicious traffic. A correctly configured firewallRead more

Your disaster recovery plan

How many people have a DR plan in place for their business? Would you know where to start or do you think that it’s OK as the business insurance will cover everything? Making sure your business insurance is up to date and all-encompassing should be part of your DR plan but the main focus shouldRead more