Migrating staff back to the office – is everything working?

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With the recent announcement of the start of relaxation of lockdown rules, a lot of businesses will be considering bringing employees back into the office. After a year of mostly working from home or on furlough, systems that remained at the office may need extensive updates and synchronisation. You would be surprised how many small and big updates can accumulate if PC’s and laptopsRead more

How to protect your data when you’re off on holiday

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We all love going on holiday, whether it’s somewhere in this country or abroad. With current changes to the way a lot of people are working, it’s possible that we are storing more sensitive data on our own personal laptops and PC’s. So how can we make sure we keep our devices and data safeRead more

Network Cabling & Wireless

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Even with improvements in wireless technology, nothing can beat the speed or stability of a correctly installed cabled network.  ACS Technologies can manage your networking project from start to finish, whether you just need to add or move a couple of points to an existing installation or need to re cable an office from scratch.Read more

Software – what to use?

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ACS Technologies can provide a range of software solutions for your business, from servers to desktop applications and specialist software such as CAD and email marketing. Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019 With Windows Server 2016/2019, Microsoft delivers a server platform built on their experience of building and operating many of the world’s largest cloud-based services andRead more

Office 365

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Microsoft’s Office 365 solutions allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from Enterprise class communication, storage and collaboration solutions.  In plain English that means you can manage your email, contacts, tasks and calendar from all your devices or via a web browser. You can share documents between colleagues inside and outside of your organisation securelyRead more

PC’s and Laptops

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Did you know that Windows 7 no longer receives updates or support from 14 January 2020? Although systems are still functional this leaves them vulnerable to security breaches and may mean your systems are no longer compliant with industry legislation and policies. ACS can supply a wide range of systems, from basic office PC’s toRead more

Leasing & Financing

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An investment decision to deploy an IT solution or service will, in the main, be justified by the business benefits it brings. To achieve the benefits, it is essential that the correct decision is made in terms of the chosen technology and, critically, the selection of the correct IT partner. However, another vital decision isRead more

Windows servers

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Once a business gets beyond 2 or 3 people then we would advise that they put some sort of server system in place. What is a Server? A Server is a computer that acts as a central hub for your network. It can control security, manage files, share resources and host applications such as emailRead more

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Imagine if you could access your office desktop from anywhere, on any device?  Work in the office, from home, from client sites, hotdesk, on the move without having to copy files or lose access to important applications? Virtual desktops allow users to do just that – work from anywhere and have continuity of the filesRead more

Offsite Backup

We cannot stress enough how important it is for any business to have a backup plan in place.  Whether you are an individual or a multi-national company your data IS your business. Data can be lost in a variety of ways.  The greatest threat is user error – accidentally overwriting or deleting files; but thereRead more