Hard Drive Failures and How to Spot Them

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These days, the amount of moving parts in technology equipment has pretty much been eliminated and replaced by circuit boards and chips.  However, there are still a few items left, of which traditional style hard drives are one (DVD Drives and cooling fans are the other main mechanical parts). As the main data storage componentRead more

What is a ‘swollen battery’?

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What a ‘swollen battery’ means?    The term ‘swollen battery’ can be associated with any lithium battery used in a device, like mobile phones, laptops or digital cameras. There are many things which can cause the battery to expand and these may vary between different types of devices. Quite a common reason is using the wrong charger,Read more

What are Cookies?

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What are Cookies in your browser? They are not programs; they don’t do anything. Cookies are text files, which can be read by users anytime on the Notebook program. Those files are stored on a computer and designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular user. That data allows the websitesRead more

Windows 7 End Of Life

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When Windows 7 support ends and what it means? Microsoft has officially announced the End of Extended Support date for Windows 7. On 14th of January 2020 the company will stop updating and supporting the operating system. Microsoft is trying to encourage all Windows 7 users to update their operating system before that date comes. ToRead more

Your disaster recovery plan

How many people have a DR plan in place for their business? Would you know where to start or do you think that it’s OK as the business insurance will cover everything? Making sure your business insurance is up to date and all-encompassing should be part of your DR plan but the main focus shouldRead more