Are you a 3CX customer?

Calling all 3CX Customers! Are you still running an old version of 3CX? Version 17 or below? If you make the switch to V18 you can claim a whole year of FREE PBX hosting!! V18 offers a host of new features including: – New Teams integration – A new web and desktop client – ARead more

What are Microsoft Power Toys?

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Have you ever thought that there MUST be an easier way to navigate around Windows, split your screen or create a shortcut to a commonly used program or file?  Well, now there is – in the form of Microsoft Power Toys!  Available from the Microsoft website at simply download and enable the toys you’d like to use! Read more about theseRead more

Issues with your Computer or Laptop Screen? What can be the Cause?

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We get regular calls regarding issues with screens. This can be physical issues such as cracks, visual problems such as dim or dark screens or flickering, changes of colouring. Dirt Depending on the screen type and material, they can be like magnets for dirt and dust. Even if the user makes sure that there isRead more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence has been around for many years. It’s a way of computers or machines learning from repetitive tasks or input information and then using the information to make decisions about future tasks on its own. This could be as simple as analysing a shoppers regular grocery bill and sending a coupon for an itemRead more

Fifth-generation network

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The fifth-generation network has been discussed for quite a while now, but not all networks or mobile networks can yet provide access to it. It has also been the thing that some people believed had spread viruses and caused other disruptions. Let’s see what 5G is really about, shall we?   It is the newest global wireless standard, following afterRead more