Are your IT systems Fit for work?

Looking to bring back furloughed staff?
Employees been using their own devices?
Computers not been used for a while?

Make sure your IT systems are fit and ready for work when staff return with an ACS back to work healthcheck and clean.

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What do we do?

Critical Updates

If PC's and Laptops have been turned off they will have missed critical Windows, application and driver updates.  Some of these updates can take a while to install and require reboots.  We'll get everything up to date before staff return so they can get straight back to work.

Check security software

Anti virus and security software will update throughout the day to give you protection against the latest threats.  If systems have been turned off, both the software itself and the definition files will be out of date, leaving systems vulnerable.

Check file synchronisation

If you have been using file sharing applications such as dropbox then you need to make sure that staff have access to any work they have been doing at home on their work PC.  The same for email, which will not have synchronised with the server if the machine has been switched off or outlook not open.

Clean and sanitise

Once we have finished working on a PC and it is ready for the employee to return to work, we will thoroughly clean the keyboard, mouse, monitor and desk area with anti-bacterial cleaning materials, suitable for use on computer equipment.  Ensuring the environment is clean and safe for returning staff members.

Get your office back to work safely and efficiently.

Our engineers visit site before your staff return to work.  This enables them to work in a safe environment, minimise contact and maintain social distancing.

We'll carry out the checks details above and provide a full report via email when back in the office.

If you need to move staff around the office in order to maintain distance, we can provide additional networking services and assist in moving PC's.  Contact us with your requirements.

Prices start at just £30+vat per PC or Laptop.

Mac and Server services also available. 

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